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Slow Burn
Paranormal Romance
Trigger Warning
Reverse Harem

The Beta Secret

She has always looked up to her father. He was the beta of one of the most feared packs in the world. But when she starts training to take over the position she becomes something she never thought she could. Her best the the soon to be Alpha becomes scared of her, but respects the job she does. She has her secrets and this one is only known by those who need to know.

Lucien is the Alpha of the Black Dagger Pack, he is the most feared Alpha in the world and he takes that title with pride. His pack is known for torturing and murdering not only rogues but those who dare defy him. He has never wanted nor needed a mate. But his pack hopes that one day the moon goddess will bless him with an Alpha Female. Someone who will share the burden with him in his war to kill every rogue.

Can they survive each other?

The Left Hook

She was raised to fight for what was right and protect those who couldn’t defend themselves. Always knowing who she was and where she came from.

That all changed when three strangers came to her pack lands at the alpha’s request. Soon she faces the realization that they are much more than her brother’s friends. Her heart already belongs to the Vampire King and has for a long time. So the question remains, is there room for a prince or two or three?

Each is a king in their own right. Born of Honor. Forged into a brotherhood created by a one-in-a-million chance. Each patiently waited for a mate to love and protect. Though the gods had other thoughts, it did not prepare them for a petite fireball hell-bent on saving the world.

Eve’s Fury

She is the original gift from god, but someone would like to return her. She is finally embarking in normalcy and going to college. However, someone has other plans. She is thought to be human, a witch, nothing special. How wrong they are. She isn’t just a gift from god, she’s got wings, an attitude and she just happens to be the daughter of the ruler of hell.

Five guys, each with their own secrets, friends by chance, brothers forged in blood.

He never known love. His parents abandon him. His coven hates him. His people run from him. He is known to kill without cause. He is ruthless, because those around him have made him that way. His brothers barley keep him balanced, until they walk into the gym.

Now he is obsessed with her, but it seems that they all are.

If she leaves, he will never get to taste her.

Five Royals and One Angel, What could happen?